Saturday, June 22, 2013

Yes Virgina, there is a comicon.

We just came back from the comicon. It was so good to see some old friends and make new ones along the way. Of course there are the vintage collectible stuff.
Comics, of course


toys! I mean... collectibles
Then people came dressed in costume.

Ewok-a, wakka- wakka
That's gotta be hot under there

Continuing our Star Wars theme...

Then we had some costumed cuties
Calling Dr. Who fans

That little wonder woman stole the show
Excellent staff and horns, dude.

 I'd blow a million dollars easy here folks. Some of it is a trip down memory lane. I had the G.I. Joe with the action grip, all the Star Wars and Transformers figurines. All the stuff I grew up with is now vintage collectibles... who'da thunk it? Well, aside from me?
Let's see... did I take any pictures of sexy costumed cosplayers? I purposely did not take pics of the girls dressed up in torn fishnets and busty corsets. You want eye candy like that? Go to a Hooters or topless bar.

Depends on your definition of sexy

 Stone faced         

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