Sunday, June 9, 2013


Looking back over the last few posts, I wanted to touch base on a few items.
1. My Spurs are playing game 2 of the NBA finals against the Miami Heat. We are up 1-0. Take that LeBron!
2. Scientists discover Asteroid 2013 LR6 just a day before it's closest approach of 65,000 miles (I'm going to round that off to 104 thousand kilometers.)
For the scientifically challenged: the moon is 230,000 miles away. The reason they didn't track it sooner? Lack of time. It was going too fast! Read about the whole thing here. I just want to say now: Called it.
3. Put daughter #2 on the plane for a month in jolly ol' England. She's coming. This will be your first and last warning.
#3 will go in the opposite direction to Alaska on Thursday. Authorities and FEMA have been notified.
4. Still happily deaf, unhappily strapped for cash. Situation normal. One of my rechargable batteries is almost done for. Down to two now. I will probably take the recharger to work with me and recharge one while I'm wearing the other. These guys last an average of 4 hours. You do the math.
5. Spider mites have invaded my oregano. Quick, get the insecticidal soap!
6. I figured out how to install a Java Runtime Environment on this Linux machine. For non-geeks out there ignore this paragraph. Now if I could just get Minecraft to work...
7. I'm fixing to write out a couple of short stories that have sat on the back burner for too long.
My job is interfering with my work!

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