Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers day

With all the busy stuff going on in our lives, we can lose track of what's important.
My wife and daughter reminded me Fathers day was coming up. On the one hand, I needed to do something for my father and my dad. That looks funny writing that down... maybe I should back up for a second.
My father lives in the UK and is married to a wonderful lady whom I adore to pieces.
My dad lives in Anchorage, Alaska and is married to my mom.
Both men had a big influence on me growing up.
My father taught me how to ride a bike down a dirt road in New Hampshire.
My dad taught me how about camping and hiking.
Father took me to ball games and played catch.
Dad played cards and showed me how to drive.

Both have a spectacular work ethic. They showed me how to love and live. Now I'm the dad with kids of my own. Holy crap on a cracker, where did the time go?
I taught them to ride bikes and we've gone camping. I've yet to teach them how to drive. I keep telling myself they'll learn the basics from drivers ed. and maybe get some pointers from me. Yeah, that's it.
We've gone to high school games and spent quality time together.
I owe all that to the men who showed me how to do it.
Thanks to both my dads who live a world away, but they're close to my heart.

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