Saturday, June 1, 2013

Not dead yet

It's no fun being pulled in several directions at once. There is a sliver of me that is glad I'm capable of multi tasking to that extent, but why?
So here I am sitting in the kitchen, drying all the oregano I pulled out of my garden this morning. Here is the result of my effort.
Not what you think it is
That's a gallon size bag, by the way.
Our lawn mower is dying, which leaves us with the weed whacker, but the front and half of the back yard is now done. There was a moment when I was refilling the line from the whacker and the timer went off for the herbs. Speaking of which, I have one minute left before I put in the last batch.
Somewhere in there laundry is being done and I'm sending text messages to my artist about the book cover.
That sounds crass written out like that. After the first initial meeting and seeing samples of her work, I made the comment; "You're on the team."
For years, I've been gathering items I knew I'd need down the line. Now it seems I'm collecting people.

Having a really tough week can drive a person to drink. I'm no exception. There are some rules I follow.
When I have a drink, I'm at home. My keys are hung up for the night. No need to go out to a bar. I have food, I'm surrounded by friends, family and the alcohol is cheaper than some damn 7.00 happy hour special. I make better margaritas than any of these places in town. The tequila I buy is called La Familia Camarena and is my favorite tequila. I get this wonderful nectar from Henry's liquor here in San Antonio. Henry's is owned by a good friend who I've known for years. Want directions to the store? If you live here in S.A., by all means please visit the place. Locally owned and operated. Not a chain or corporation. Tell Craig, Traci or Sandi I said hi.
But that's for special occasions. Take tonight for instance.
Once you have black, you never go back.
Know your limit. It's not about drinking to get falling down drunk, not in front of your wife and kids. The trick is to be a little drunk. What I call comfortably buzzed. Two is my magic number. Your mileage may vary, but for my size and weight, two beers is enough for a night. I can sober up incredibly quickly if I have to or relax and enjoy the evening.

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