Thursday, June 20, 2013

Complaining about the weather

I've been kicking around an idea since last week: Reviewing businesses that are deaf friendly. So far I've set up another blog called Life in the deaf lane. Nothing is there... yet.
I don't believe in litmus tests, but I also don't believe in absolutes.
Just because one manager of a store is a jerk, doesn't mean the whole staff are assholes too. (That was the wing stop a few days back.)
Also, if the entire staff is willing, but the problem is the computer, then that has to be taken into account as well.
Putting a number on the business is setting something in stone, or in some cases, concrete shoes. I have a saying: Your mileage may vary. With that in mind, I'll do what I do best: I'll write about my experience and publish it to the web. I'll let you guys decide for yourselves and vote with your wallet.

My implant went on the fritz last Friday. No amount of cleaning, cussing or bargaining would bring it back to life. So for this entire week, I've been in silent mode. Driving, working, watching the playoffs... the works. Carol got me an appointment with the doctor... next month. That's as soon as they can get me in. So, it looks like I'll be doing the lip reading thing for a bit. It should be fun.
Today I was brought in to HR. She was concerned if I could still do my job. I told her the job was working out fine, better than I expected. I also told her I didn't think driving a forklift was a good idea and I should not drive one as a precaution.  My license is up for renewal in August anyway.
When I first came to work at Lowe's, I was told that I am not allowed to drive a forklift because of my disability. (I hate that word.) I told my boss I would follow his rule, I didn't have to like it.
Fast forward to this year. The receiving manager went to bat for me and the powers that be allowed me to get a license. That manager is no longer with the company. He had been with the company for over 20 years and they fired him. So much for loyalty. I didn't think they were going to allow me to re-certify anyway. I don't have anyone to go to bat for me this time around.
With that loyalty test last month (which HR denies) and the politics going around, losing my hearing permanently would be just the excuse they're looking for. I'm keeping my head up and not giving them a reason to fire me.  
That said: Lowe's selectively obeys it's own rules. A case can be made for it  being a judgment call.
(where was that last month when you fired the guy with more experience than all the store put together?)
People who don't follow their own rules don't have morals or ethics. I consider those people untrustworthy.

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