Friday, June 7, 2013

Not as bad as we think

In a perfect world, we'd win every game, ace every test, have a flawless driving record, date the prom queen and never be ill.
How boring would that be?
Well let me tell you... I'd think an easy life would be absolutely bland.
The struggle we endure defines us as persons.
Adults with the strongest character traits you will find were bullied or had tough childhoods. I've yet to meet the saint who had everything handed to them and lacked for nothing.
Working for things makes me appreciate what I have. When I don't think I'm going to make it, along comes something that puts me over the top.
Maybe it's the optimist in me, but we need to look for the silver lining among all the storm clouds. 
Case in point: We just switched banks and while our checks have come in, (who writes checks nowadays?) Our debit cards haven't arrived. Storm clouds were threatening to boil over my head as I searched the house for a likely envelope containing the cards. As I was searching I came across my missing car registration.
I had to find it by looking for something else, go figure.
Money is tight, that's reality. If it were only a case of going into the backyard and picking a few fifties off the ol'money tree...
(That's a story I'm thinking about, so hands off people.) 
Tomorrow I have an opportunity to earn some cash doing a job for a friend's father. That income will cover an outstanding bill of mine. 
See how that works? A reverse osmosis income. I don't earn money to pay the bills, I have to pay a bill, so I earn money.
I'm trying my best to reverse that trend, but some times it happens that way.
I don't drive the latest or stylish of cars. In the reverse osmosis logic I just demonstrated, I rarely have an accident or ticket. I also do a lot of maintenance on the cars myself. It saves money and I take better care of my possessions that way. People laugh that I have a car nearly as old as my teenage daughter. Those same people couldn't change a brake pad or point to an air filter if they looked under the hood. Just saying...
When we get sick, we appreciate the times we're healthy. And you will get better. Deep down you have to believe in your ability to get healthy. 
There have been times when I was so sick or injured that it felt like I would never climb out of the hole I found myself in.
But I did.
Whatever you have to believe in to overcome your situation.
Believe in a God... Believe in fate... But most of all Believe in yourself.
No matter what hole you find yourself in, remember it's not as bad as it could be.     

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