Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Defeat and victory

I was tempted to call this entry 'One step forward, two steps back'.

The Good: The Spurs performed like the team they are and lead the series 2-1.
The Bad: My air conditioner crapped out again. It's running fine, but I suspect a freon leak. I still have the receipt from two months ago when we had it fixed the first time.

What's Great: I finally figured out how to make a game I like work under the Linux OS that I use on this computer.
What's Crappy: This morning I downloaded and upgraded to the latest version of Ubuntu. Now I can't get the game to work again. Back to the drawing board...

The High point: Got some fantastic writing in this weekend, but...
The Low point: Couldn't take my laptop with me this morning because it was still downloading and installing stuff.

My truck is street legal and registered, but my paycheck this Friday is going to all those lovely bills that are piling up.
You see? We all have our highs and lows. I'm merely having them in rapid succession.

Daughter #2 is safely in the UK and she's already having a blast. My dad only received a mild concussion. Go easy on him kid, he's out of warranty.
Daughter #3 will be leaving the day after tomorrow for the Great White North. We'll miss them both.
I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to grab a tube and head to the river. This is the place you want to go. This is what you'll do there.

"Oh, honey can we go please?"



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