Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Bacholer Party

One of my good friends was getting married in Louisville. Being the kind of friend I am, something special needed to be done. This is one of those cross country setups that surprisingly went off right.
All the male attendees except the groom knew what was planned. The bride sensed something was up. She came up to me and gave me an ultimatum:
'If I smell alcohol on his breath, the wedding is off.'
Never mind I could have worked around that if I wanted. Instead, the guys had the muddy kind of fun.
That morning we all met down in the hotel lobby dressed in fatigues. When the groom came down, saw us, and immediately went back upstairs for some black sweats.
Driving out to a place I'd never been to, in a part of the U.S almost none of us were familiar with, we found our destination.
"See that mountain over there?" the owner said. All of us nodded.
"That there river?" All of us looked at the creek down at the bottom of the hill.
"And the highway over yonder." We all nodded again. Those were the boundaries.
"The first annual meeting of the groom hunt will commence!"
We loaded our paintball guns. "My friend, we're going to give you a five minute head start."
The groom in his black sweats took off across the field. 
I'd like to say we waited the whole five minutes, but I'm not sure.
After the initial hunt, we formed teams and did a little capture the flag. Not sure if we used a flag though...
Blood, Sweat, mud and paintballs. Good clean, slightly painful fun.
Good times.

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