Sunday, November 3, 2013

To do lists

Yesterday I tried a new thing. There is a five gallon jug in my kitchen pantry filled with what I hope will be beer by the end of the month. More people should try stuff they've never done before.
A lot of folks I've met haven't tried anything new. They've never left their home state... never left their home town. Day in and day out, the routine never varies. You may think I'm exaggerating, but here's the deal: I've met people who were born, lived and retired all in the same 50 square mile radius of town.
That staggers the mind... Literally, I can't comprehend staying in one place or town for your entire life. Oh sure, I can see choosing a place to settle down. The opposite of settling down is... moving around.
The other day it occurred to me I've lived in San Antonio for over 15 years. Thirteen of them have been in this same house. That is the most I've ever stayed in one place. I'm not getting the urge to wander, just the opposite: I've chosen this place to settle down.
One day I would like to visit Yellowstone Park. After seeing pictures and films, I wouldn't mind going there in person. I've also promised my kids I'd take them to the Grand Canyon. When I attend weddings in other states, I take a look around with my tourist eye. That way I can indulge with the tourist-y stuff without actually taking a full blown vacation. So down the line when the question gets asked; Where do you want to on vacation, I have a ready answer. Philadelphia? check. Portland? Wouldn't mind going back to either of those towns.
But what really intrigues me is going to places I've never been. If money and time were no object, I would take the back roads to far off places. Some of the neatest places are not near an interstate.
The highway system is all well and good. Having used it to travel cross country is really not that bad. However, I discover more of our land when I go by the road less traveled... and that has made all the difference.

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