Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Losing stuff

People lose things all the time. In the course of daily events, we're not even aware of the loss. Ten calories? Gone.  Facebook friends? Don't get me started...
For instance, I lose pens all the time. No biggie there, a pen will turn up when I need one. I make sure there's an extra one laying around in a pocket or desk drawer. Recently, I've put a concerted effort into cleaning the house. With the girls home from school this week, I asked them to take care of their chores and do some house cleaning. This is good, right? Teach them to take pride in their surroundings. Enjoy the comfort of walking across a clean swept floor.
Then the most embarrassing thing happened: 
I lost my glasses.
My youngest and I are making time to sit down and read together. This may seem a bit odd, but my eyes strain when I wear my glasses for reading. For instance, I can see the computer screen nice and clear right now. Reading a book by comparison is effortless when I have my glasses off.
Shortly after reading Harry Potter to my daughter, I set the glasses down, and now I can't find them. Tearing the house apart and triple checking all my usual drop-off points has failed to shake them loose.
My wife drove me to work, bless her heart. I managed to get through the entire day with only one person noticing. My job doesn't require me to see things far off- or aim, for that matter. Muddling through the day, I wondered would an optometrist visit be in my future? Truth be told, I wasn't that happy with my current pair of glasses. Last visit to the eye doc, I didn't spring for the auto polarization. The sun can be brutal down here in Texas. More so if you're not wearing sunglasses. Perhaps my subconscious lost them on purpose so I could get the tinted shades.
My youngest is hinting that it's family game night. The wife just put a slice of pecan pie next to me, and it's good... Oh, so good.

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