Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2014

Lists and bullet points are a cop out, in my opinion. They are simple to make and take just as little thought into creating them. Several times in the past I've literally fallen asleep in my chair while the speaker drones on playing catch phrase bingo. Perhaps that is why I try to avoid anything resembling corporate meetings. Being surrounded by so much stupidity makes me feel it should be treated like an infectious disease.

But really, what am I thankful for?
First off, I'm alive. That's always a plus in my book.
My family. A loving wife of 23 years. My children, all healthy and growing. Friends who grow in value and esteem with  each year.

There are other things I'm grateful for that most people don't like to acknowledge. 
Getting beaten up and bullied in school made me appreciate the feelings of others. Experiencing the taunts and jeers of my classmates showed me cruelty, but it also taught me how to be kind to others. From them I learned empathy.
If I were to meet an ex-girlfriend on the street, I'm pretty certain I'd thank them. If the relationship hadn't turned out the way it did, I wouldn't have met my wife and kids. We have to swallow the bitter pill of past failed romances before getting to the good stuff.
Right now I'm thankful for my barrel grill, believe it or not. This half rusty contraption has been with the family for about 5 years. It has taught me a lot about outdoor cooking, the science behind convection, indirect heat and temperature. My old science teachers would smile and shake their heads. Seems I learned something from them after all. Yeah, we grill our turkey. I have to babysit and tend the coals nearly every other minute, but the results are worth it.
There are many things to be thankful for this year. I met some famous and admirable people this year. Of course, my definition of famous and admirable is different than yours. The Kardashian family? Not famous or admirable in my book. Not even noteworthy in my opinion.  
People that I see chasing their dreams? That puts them at the top of the list. 


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