Thursday, November 21, 2013

More like it

Last week, I took my family to the movies. The temperature got up to 89 degrees. Not in the movies, but outdoors. For the middle of November, that's a bit much. There's some good news coming up though: Seems there is a cold front coming in. This weekend our high will be in the mid-forties. Now that's more like it. I'm thinking of doing a little research into high and low temperatures. Surely we've been recording things for over a century, we could see where we're trending.
The reason I'm bringing this up is not to prove Global Warming is real, (it is, end of discussion.) but I want to see the rubber band effect... the extreme weather. I already predicted we will have to extend hurricane season. That's just the armchair weatherman talking. We don't even get snow here in this part of Texas, but that might change.
After some thought, I fully expect the world to run out of fossil fuels in my lifetime. There have been several speculative fiction works that describe such a world. 
The climate deniers can whine about things being cyclical, I'm not buying that. Some certainties I know of:
Riding a bike around in the summer is a lot harder/ a death wish, than we care to admit.
Mankind is due for a culling. Now whether or not it's due to a natural or man-made disaster remains to be seen.
If you think our resources are plentiful, think again.

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