Friday, November 8, 2013

High gear

No sooner have I outlined a plan for Thanksgiving, then the holiday stress out begins. I'm charting out events and meetings. Where to go, what to bring. Who to drop off.
We're cleaning and preparing to have a garage sale. Too bad we have to have a permit for that. So we'll push that back a week. It'll happen... just not on the time frame we'd hoped for. Some bags for clothing donation are going out and I bought a portable bag for a trash collection. They wanted 137.00 dollars. Upon hearing the price, I told them it was a deal breaker. They'll get it a little at a time. I'm patient that way.
Basketball season is starting. In our budget trimming I had to make the hard decisions... like suspending cable for six months. Think of it as extra incentive for increasing my income. I really want to see some games! Last night we had a girl scout meeting at a fairly forgettable burger joint. The only upside for me was the Heat / Clippers game on.
I'll work on it, never fear.

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