Thursday, November 14, 2013


A few days ago, my middle daughter got into an argument with one of her classmates. Not surprisingly, she won. After all, she's on the debate team, highly intelligent and female... A winning combination.
What surprised me was what they were arguing over. A question was posed, I'm not sure by whom, and it went like this: "Deaf teachers: Good idea or bad idea?"
One of the boys in her class immediately said it was a bad idea.
This raised the hackles of my kid quicker than anything.
"Deaf people can do anything, even teach."
Another classmate chimed in and asked daughter #2 why would she take such a stance.
"Because my Dad is deaf and he can do anything. You've met him!" she reminded the boy.
This struck home on many levels for me.
  • Proud that my child holds me in such high esteem. It is my hope I can live up to the expectation.
  • Disappointed that even though people have met me, they don't know me. Perhaps it's a cultural failing. When I tell people I'm deaf, they automatically knock off 50 IQ points. 
  • Frustration in the fact that despite all I've done to get this far, there's a life-long battle in front of me.
For the longest time, my wife believed in me. She still does. Even when I didn't believe in myself, she held on, comforting, supporting and encouraging me to become better.
Having a front row seat to all the drama and turmoil that this house generates, my kids are as much an inspiration to me as I am to them.

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