Thursday, October 31, 2013

who needs NaNoMo?

November is National Novel writing Month. Who came up with that? Deep down everyone has a story in them, that's what I believe. The story might be a little on the bland side, but more often than not, they're pretty neat.
One time I was swapping anecdotes with some friends. Just as I was finishing my tale, a guy I've never met before calls out, 'bullshit!'
That bothered me only for a moment because for one: it was 100% true, and second: another guy in the group backed up what I said.
This may sound like ego or bragging, but my life doesn't need any embellishing. There's never a dull moment around here.
I have a friend staying with us and he decided he wants to write a 50,000 word novel before the month is out. Part of me wants to encourage him, another part says, 'yeah buddy, good luck.' After reading the first chapter, I must confess: it needs work.
Who am I to judge? My first attempt at a story sucked so bad, I didn't finish it. My second story I saw all the way through to the end, but with so much grammar and punctuation errors, I'd have to re-write the whole damn thing to make it tolerable. I still might do that. The next story I wrote wasn't bad, but it also paralleled A certain Kevin Smith movie that I couldn't let it see the light of day with out having a lawyer on retainer. Perhaps I'm imagining it, but there were unintentional coincidences. All this time I'm writing short stories to hone my writing ability.
Then along comes Travelers Road and it's sequel. Now we're talking...
My mom asked me if I had more stories to tell. My answer was immediate. 'Hell, yes'
Some people write one story, because that's all they needed to tell. As anyone who sat in on one of my gaming sessions knows, the stories just keep on coming.
Most of all, it's work. There's creating, editing, pruning, and developing followed by re-writes and more edits. you polish the rough stone until there is a gem sitting in front of you on the screen.
My friend thinks he's going to hit a home run the first time out. Well, I hate to break it to you, but there's a lot of work to be done. And in his case, a lot of work. Still, I wish him luck.
It's getting late for sleepy ol' me. See? I nodded off mid-sentence right there. I'll talk to you guys later, I promise.

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