Thursday, October 17, 2013


At least once in our lifetimes, we encounter a person that can be considered a hero. Through action or accomplishment, this person goes out and helps others. Maybe they perform a feat of bravery that makes the world a better place. Perhaps they show uncommon kindness and compassion.
I first met Jarrett Crippen while at a convention. The short intro piece I read in his brochure raised an eyebrow with me. His claim to fame at that point was his alter ego, the Defuser on a reality show called, 'Who wants to be a super hero?'
A thoughtful pose?

As a rule, I don't watch reality shows. My life has more than enough drama as it is. It seemed to me at the time this guy was trying to grab his 15 minutes of fame. So naturally I felt cynical about meeting him. Looking back, I regret my behavior by blowing him off so quickly.
I discovered he was an officer with the Austin Police Department.
What a lovely couple

That alone puts him into the hero column. My respect for law enforcement has deep roots. Much of my family have careers as firefighters, EMT's, nurses, doctors, and police officers.
Through the magic of Facebook, I began getting newsletters and updates on what Mr. Crippen is up to. The Defuser was becoming less and less important as the man. Jarrett made his way around the convention circuit emceeing events all over the United States.
Words fail him

Jarrett, as I've come to find out, is a heck of a nice guy. His natural charisma has made him a favorite with many geeks and nerds. On a personal note: I am in awe of his relation with Stan Lee and a tad envious when he gets mobbed by some sexy girls in costumes. Wow, Mrs. Crippen must be very  understanding!
The man, the legend

Eyes up Mr. Crippen

Over the years I've gotten tidbits about Jarrett's pet project, Scare for a cure.
He's built a haunted house type park (dare I call it a ghost town?) I actually found myself trying to get out of work so I could drive up to Austin and help with a barn raising.
To put things in perspective, The Scare for a cure site got flooded by all the rain and storms we've been getting lately. Ever the serious goof-ball, Jarrett began updating his status while stranded in a barn surrounded by water.
'Only six cases of soda and four pop tarts left...'
Yeah, the guy cracks me up.
So let's review: he gets to travel all over the country and wear some matching ties and shoes. Meet famous people and sexy girls. Scare for a cure is his personal way of fighting against breast cancer. On top of that, he works for the Austin police department.
He might disagree with me, but it seems like a charmed life. More and more often, I find myself thinking of all that Jarrett Crippen does and call him 'hero'.


Karin Noel-Magnuson said...

Thank you for letting us know about Mr. Crippen. You are an excellent writer!!!!!

Will Malone said...

Thanks. I put a link to his scare for a cure site. By all means check it out. With any luck, I'll see him at our next convention.