Sunday, October 20, 2013

Step forward, step back

We had a phenomenal football game Friday night. Quintessential homecoming game. The final score was 52 to 7, I believe. Our team was scoring pretty much at will. A little drizzle came down in the first half. Sitting next to the band, I took off my implant in order to enjoy the show. Problem was, after the game when I went to rejoin the hearing world... nothing happened. The batteries were fine, no sound was getting to me. Right now I'm doing a little tweaking. (Not to be confused with twerking. That would be bad.) The humidity had something to do with it, I think. When I took it off, I put it in my pocket. Let's dry some things out and see where things go.

Today I learned something. It's not often I get to say that. One of my contacts might lead to a business opportunity.  Most people have abilities. Seeing things far away... leaving the deadliest farts. My secret ability, aside from the toxic gas attacks, is networking. That's an overused word, in, my opinion. Let's put it this way: I may not know the answer, but I know the person who does. More to the point: I may not know the answer, but I know how to find an answer.
Not wanting to reveal more, I'll just say there are several irons in the fire. If things develop, I'll let you know.
My family and I purged the garage. There are things to throw away, (the biggest pile.), things for an upcoming garage sale, and stuff we need to keep. (the smallest pile.)
The only reason I'm bringing that up is there are things there I didn't know we had. "I thought I threw that out ages ago." was the catch phrase of the day.  
Disclaimer: My implant is fine. The switch was merely in between settings. It's the little things that trip us up.
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