Thursday, October 3, 2013

Short and sweet

I'll make this a quick one. Last night, immediately after I pulled the covers over my head, my wife burst into the room. She was signing so fast I couldn't make out what she said. Then came the ozone acidic smell of an electrical fire. It seems our family computer caught fire. The plastic case was hot to the touch. First thing I did was unplug everything. Then I pulled the case out from it's cubby in the desk. Disconnecting everything, I cautiously, undid the screws to reveal...
No scorch marks, not slagged wires. My current theory is a dust bunny caught fire. That isn't the be all/ end all. One more thing on my 'to do' list. A little canned air, Some judicial cleaning and we"ll see what happens when I plug it in. It could be anything but I hope it is the power supply. Easily replaced and no harm done. Perhaps I'll get out my multimeter as I test out the individual parts. One more thing I have to take care of this weekend, and I was so looking forward to cleaning out the garage.
I tried to start it up on my workbench this weekend, but there's no power getting through the power supply. If memory serves, that is the oldest part on the frankencomputer. 13 years or thereabouts. 

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