Thursday, October 24, 2013

feeling alright

As October winds down, I start to think of things for the coming month. I've got my brothers birthday. (I'll need to get him a card today.) There's Thanksgiving followed by the flaunting my own mortality. (Spin number 46 around the sun, yea!)
 The entire month is dedicated to the national novel writing month. That means absolutely nothing to me. Well... not anything important, anyway. You have time... you write. We don't need a month. You sit your can in a chair and start typing. It's all about focus... and if you have a story.

Last week we got a check in the mail for over 1000.00 
Wow, you might say. I knew it was a mistake and told my wife not to cash it. Her reasoning was they sent it, we need it. As much as I'd like someone to give me money, I had to put my foot down. The company that sent the check goofed. They were going to want it back. We sent e-mails and left messages to them. Last night we heard back. They're stupid, but not idiots. So the money is going back to them. Perhaps Karma will throw a little decency our way. That's gotta count for something.

We've all heard the complaint that you should have to take an IQ test before doing a major task. Driving... Getting on the Internet... Holding down an important job. Some people I don't trust to boil water. That's not cynicism, by the way, more like self-preservation. The people who don't know how to alter the temperature of water should wear a sign: This person can't cook. Under no circumstances are you to accept food from this person.

Now, as for operating heavy equipment:
I drive a truck. More importantly, I know how to drive a truck. Thanks to my mom, I know what a properly maintained truck can and can't do. Many people buy sport utility vehicles. They site reasons such as 'It carries my family,' and 'It's fun to drive!'. These same people do not know where their car ends and others begin. No lie: I saw a soccer mom spin the wheel of her SUV so fast while attempting to do the tightest turn and stepping on the gas. I heard the tires chirp, so yeah, that was bad. For a brief moment I thought the SUV was going to turn over. The more I think about it, the more I'm sure. Two of those wheels almost left the ground. Not for nothing, but we were in the parking lot of the damn high school! There were many cars and people in close proximity. And Mrs. soccer mom goes merrily on her way after missing two pedestrians and a parked Suburu.
Please, tell me I'm not that bad. 


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