Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Peaceful belief

Sorry for the late post, we had dinner at my sister's house. A semi-big family gathering of five grandkids and six adults. It could be argued that four of the granddaughters are young adults... but I digress.
Besides, my sister makes a mango salsa that rocks.

The title of the post may be a little misleading. There are all sorts of beliefs, but the ones I'm thinking of is more on a personal level. Some people will disagree with that last sentence, but that's not why I'm writing.
A lot of people don't believe in themselves. Oh, they exist all right, but they don't have the confidence in themselves to live up to their potential. Sadly, we've all done this at one point or another. Sometimes all it takes is one person to say, 'I believe in you.'
Every mother I know has told or shown that to their children, and that's as it should be. Fathers do it too. More often a loved one such as a spouse or friend gives us this support.
Families love one another, that's a given. Unconditional love and support. Comfort and solace.
Having a peer voice this can make it mean more. They are not required to say nice things, so when they are said, perhaps it's just that much sweeter. 
A friend of mine was down in the dumps. He felt life had been treating him unfairly and needed to hear some good news.
So I told him I believed in him. I meant it and I backed up what I said with examples of how I believed in him. The following week, I saw my friend again. He was on top of the world. Things were going his way, he was dating someone new. The old friend was back to feeling like his normal self.
Now I'm not saying it was me that turned him around, but maybe enough people told him they believed in him. Perhaps his self confidence got a jump start from friends and family.
So if you come across a person who is looking a little low in the belief department, let them know, give them a boost. Words can heal. All it takes is one person to turn another around. Give a loved one a vote of confidence and tell them you trust them.

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