Monday, July 22, 2013

Cure for the summer time blues

I wrote a post last night. Before I hit the publish button, I gave it a last read. It was a little long winded, especially for me. For the most part the rant was about all the negative and bad stuff I was dealing with. While it seems therapeutic to get it out of my system, I didn't need to burden you guys with it.
We all have trouble paying our bills. We all have to stretch the money to the breaking point. Every last one of us has an evil pointy haired boss to deal with. In some cases, several clueless managers.
I'm not wasting my energy on those people, they are not worth the stress. So I hit delete and decided to focus on the good stuff.
I got a rejection letter from Strange Horizons. While some people may see that as a bad thing, I don't. Someone read my story. It's one person's opinion. There are roughly 7 billion other opinions out there. People have used their rejection letters as wall paper. There are rumors of letters having been used as toilet paper. I'm not that desperate or spiteful, but I do appreciate the irony.
One thing my Clark Kent job is useful for: The job is fairly monotonous and I use the spare brain cells to come up with new stories. The trick is to write them down before the idea gets lost in the mental paperwork bureaucracy.
Somewhere in my budget I'm going to get a t-shirt with the following printed on it.
I'm filling in until Bradbury gets back.
Will that upset people when I show up at the con wearing that? Are folks going to accuse me of having an ego? More than they already are? No one is going to toot your horn for you. If it hasn't already been proven, I don't listen to critical naysayers. They're trying to bring me down to their level. Excuse me while I go out and make my own luck.


April Goodwin said...

WOOT WOOT!!! Someone at Strange Horizons read YOUR book. Congrats!!!! I like your t-shirt idea. I think others at the con would WANT that shirt, so I say Go For It. Keep on writing Cuz.

Will Malone said...

They rejected the short story about the woman who begins to age backwards. That was no big loss there. That means I can send it out to other places.