Sunday, July 7, 2013

Deaf friendly business

This evening my family went out to Dough, located at 6989 Blanco rd. in San Antonio. If you have ever been to the CSD on Blanco, then you're about 1 mile from the restaurant, just inside loop 410.
Dough serves Napoletana style pizza. Here is the link to their place.
The restaurant is small, with a lot of tables outside on the sidewalk. It's a good thing they have fans all over the place!
The food is fantastic and they make their own cheese. Like the menu says: open from 11 A.M. until the cheese runs out.
There is an impressive wine list. Even their water tastes so much better than what you would expect.
This is not your typical pizza place. Serving small pizzas (6 slices) starting in price from 17.00 and up. 5 pizzas, two appetizers, a bottle of wine, 2 beers and three desserts fed 8 people.
It is on the expensive side, but the quality of the food and service is worth it.
Would a deaf person enjoy themselves here? Yes. Every time I have gone, they have been very friendly and helpful. The music is loud (I thought my phone was going off all the time when in fact, it was the bass.)
There were no T.V.'s so captioning wasn't a problem. I was surprised a lot of the waiters could lip read so well. So if you go with friends, there will be a lot of lip reading going on.
Our waiter told us business is going so good, they are going to expand and put in another brick oven! The waiter told us it was going to handle 'to go' orders only, so they can serve customers better. This place Rocks. Your deaf writer says check it out.

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