Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Worldcon, Lonestar3... 71st annual sci-fi convention

I'm starting to get excited about next month. Lonestar3, the 71st annual sci-fi convention is going to be held in my city, San Antonio. 
In previous years the convention has been held in Chicago, Melbourne, Montreal, Yokohama and Glasgow, just to name a few.
For a writer, the chance to meet the people who inspired me should be motivation enough. The chance to talk Star Trek with Norman Spinrad would have to be pretty high on my bucket list. I'll try to act like an adult, but I gotta admit, I'm going to feel like a kid in a candy store. Here is the link to the con.

Long ago my father took my best friend and I down to DC. We were all of 13 years old at the time and drove by the Air and Space Museum. To this day I don't know if my dad planned this or not, but a crowd was gathered at the steps leading into the museum.  Call it karma, or exceptionally good timing, because Neil Armstrong approached the podium and gave a speech. I knew him from pictures, but this was the first time I remember coming face to face with one of my heroes. We took some fuzzy polaroids of Mr. Armstrong and I held on to them for many years. One day I'm going to find those pictures again. Hindsight being what it is, I'd like to say I behaved in a rational manner. Truth is I think I sort of geeked out and went into hyper fanboy mode. I remember being too scared to approach him. Sort of like when a toddler meets Santa Claus for the first time. Giddy excitement followed by high pitched squeals of delight. Hey, some people get excited over meeting rock stars. I went ga-ga for the first man on the moon. There are priorities. I hope when I meet the guests gathered at the convention I don't squeal... or lose control of my bodily fluids.
Agencies looking to sign the next undiscovered writing talent will also be in attendance. I found my new reason for going. So with high hopes I'm spending the next month coming up with a plan of attack: Print up my portfolio of stories and try and get my card to specific people. Perhaps I should have it all on a thumb drive. In PDF format. My wife wants to meet George R.R. Martin. I wouldn't mind getting my picture taken with Phil Foglio.
I want to put my book into the hands of Joshua Bilmes and say; here you go!
I would thank Norman Spinrad for inspiring me all those years ago. The list goes on... like I said, a kid in a candy store. So come to San Antonio, I will cook for you barbecue like you never had before.

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April Goodwin said...

Thumb drive sounds efficient. Break a leg and have fun!