Sunday, July 28, 2013

Try not to have a headache

It is my deepest belief that we can consciously control our bodies at the cellular level. Hear me out, please.
Subconsciously our body knows what nutrients it needs. A long time ago, I heard a story concerning a woman with a new born baby. The baby was crying very hard and no amount of holding, feeding, or rocking would satisfy the child. One of the nurses asked the mother if she had any cravings during pregnancy. The mother replied without hesitation. "I had to have Avocados," she said.
The nurse obtained some guacamole from the hospital cafeteria and dabbed a fingerful of the mashed vegetable into the baby's mouth.
The child immediately stopped crying.

I believe we need mental nourishment as well as physical sustenance.
We've all heard about monks practising meditation who can slow their heartbeat down. Doctors have told us about high blood pressure correlating to stressful lifestyles and situations. When someone says, 'It's all in your head.' They're not that far off from the truth. Stress and pressure are self imposed. A person can be under a lot of pressure, be it from a stressful job or or demanding too much of themselves. We've all done this, myself included. Wigging out from a situation that we have little control over. Sorry, the world does not revolve around you.

One of the biggest things we can do to alleviate stress is to simply decide to let it go. We tell ourselves different things, but it amounts to the same thing. 'Give it up to God.' is one of my wife's favorite sayings. I prefer letting things be. Karma. 
It's not the same as not caring. There are things I can and can't control. Just by keeping an open mind and a positive outlook, one can eliminate 90% of your personal problems.
A lot of my friends and family attend church. Many times in the past, I've confessed to the fact I'm not religious. However, I do feel spiritual. We are not the highest rung on the evolutionary ladder. You can make the argument about humans being in the top five. I'll go along with that.
The concept of pre-defined roles: 'You are who you are, and will never be more than that.' My mind rejected that idea back when I was a kid.
I don't need religion to tell me right from wrong. My moral compass is stronger than it's ever been. Deep down, we all can tell right from wrong. We can grow and mature as a sentient beings. To be more than what people perceive. That's why we need morality plays and stories. We can see the human drama unfold on a stage and make the decision to be better than that in our lives.
Some where deep inside of us, resides a spark... A god particle... A soul... We need to listen to that which is inside of us. Daily, weekly, How ever often we feel the need to do so. Turn your attention to what matters in your heart. Be the best person you can be. To thine own self be true.

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