Sunday, December 28, 2014

News and mead

Truer words have never been spoken
All right people, New Years Eve is almost upon us. Those end of year lists and those looking back remembrances? Yeah, I'm sick of them too. Generally I like to avoid them. This guy with the laser beam stare is Henry Rollins. He was the lead singer for a punk group called Black Flag. He has his own show on satellite radio. Occasionally you'll see Henry turn up on the big screen. Last I saw of him was on Sons of Anarchy. Henry is one all around bad ass and I admire the man greatly.
This picture was floating around on my hard drive and I put it up for no reason other than it's cool.

Spent all day bottling my metheglin, or dry mead. It is about as simple a recipe as you can get. I would go so far as to say that it is the equivalent of Rice Krispie treats in terms of making. When it hits the tongue, the flavor is slightly sweet. As you swallow it, the crispness rolls over your pallet. I recommend serving it chilled.
I also have over Twenty-three bottles.
I'm gonna need a bigger wine rack
If you enjoy white wine, you will definitely enjoy this drink. Now I need to make labels. This was an all day task. Soaking and scrubbing the labels off the bottles. Then cleaning them inside and out. Finally sterilization, siphoning and corking the bottles. My friends come out of the woodwork whenever I announce it's ready. New rule: if you show up to help me brew or bottle it, you are entitled to enjoy it with me. Special thanks to my lovely wife who helped me get though bottling day. She also made the labels. Now we need to print them up.

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