Monday, December 15, 2014


CRomnibus sounds like a weird name, huh? Well, let me put it as best as I understand it. An omnibus bill is nothing more than a spending plan for the government when everyone agrees how the money should be spent. It tells us how much is going to which agency and department. The CR part is simply a Continuing Resolution when they can't agree. So they're telling us that they can't come to a deal on how to spend the money for the next fiscal year. So we have a budget that no one is happy about. Par for the course.
I was happy about the bill, then two heartbeats later I hated the bill. First understand the bill is 1,600 pages long. Some of it I approve of, such as increased spending for NASA. There are some other stuff in there that makes me sick, like increasing the amount of campaign donations a person or corporation can give or did you know there's another bailout for Wall Street in there?
Nobody wants another shutdown, which is why the lawmakers did what they did.
I'm beyond annoyed there were so many pork riders attached to that bill. This is why we can't have good things people.

In the brace for impact department, the Texas ledge is considering repealing the ban on open carry firearms. However,  An open carry advocate has already second ammendmented her family.  By their very definition, these people are not responsible or intelligent.
Things will not go well from here. I know a lot of responsible gun owners. They're against the open carry laws. There is a four hour course and license you have to get for a concealed weapon permit. That's not good enough for these bullies who want to terrorize the average person while they do their holiday shopping.
I've met these rednecks too, we all have. These guys think owning and brandishing a weapon makes them powerful and important. When I see them there is only one thing to do. Make fun of them. 

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