Sunday, December 14, 2014

Too late for a photo opportunity

My wife and youngest child piled into the car on Saturday. One of my wife's cousins was tying the knot over in Houston. It seemed pretty straight forward and we made it with just under an hour to spare. Houston traffic is notorious, but with a little timing we managed to avoid the worst of the rush hour snarls. As we were closing on the final mile to the wedding, we passed Johnson Space Center. Yes, that Space Center. Of course it was on NASA parkway. I didn't think to stop and get a picture as we drove past. Then it was so late when we went by it again, I thought we might drive by it the next morning. Whoops. The best laid plans of mice and men...
I know, I know, pics or it didn't happen. I must be some kind of dork or something because I don't whip out my camera every thirty seconds. What surprised me was that it was so close to the bay. We're talking about less than a mile from the harbor where the wedding took place. Yes, the wedding pictures had a lot of sailboats and docks in the background. It was a nice touch. Very classy. I keep promising myself to go on a little research expedition to all the places I read and write about. A tour of the back roads and byways. Life is more than what you see outside the car window as you dash down the freeway. It's all right to take the back road and the long way around. We discover some of the neatest stuff that way.
A little over a week until Christmas. Is your shopping done? I'm thinking of stockpiling foodstuffs because the grocery is so jam packed. Not only do I try my best to avoid the malls after Black Friday, I only do my grocery shopping very late at night or early in the morning. Those places are crazy. I'd rather be in my pajamas with a mug of coffee or hot cocoa, not venturing out to test my blood pressure.

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