Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Solstace

It wasn't that the day was short, the sun never truly showed it's face. It was dark enough to turn on the Christmas lights at 4:30. My intention was to write this over the course of a few hours, however life had other plans. My oldest daughter arrived on Greyhound from Colorado. Just in time for Christmas. They always come home and for that I'm grateful.
Last post I stuck a lot of links in. Some right next to each other which is a no-no, but there's a lot going on and we are becoming part of a weird and wonderful world.
Bionic men like myself are not behaving like disabled people. For those of you joining us this evening, I detest that word, disabled. It's an ugly word. Society expects me to behave a certain way and my life should be curtailed to a cultural norm.
Fuck that shit.
Last night I got a notice somebody bought my book. Last month a dear friend overseas bought a copy. I felt ashamed because I've been working on it and she didn't buy the tighter, stronger, improved version. To my chagrin, I had to take the old version down. Createspace and Amazon were nice as far as self-publishing goes, but I soon lost patience wrestling with the format. As of this writing I can't get the margins and the bleed to cooperate. This results in sentences being cut off, chapters sliced and general shoddy appearance. I won't allow that. I turned off the distribution channels and there it will sit, until we can get this sorted out. If you were to look up Travelers Road under my name, it would show you the books are sold out. That much is true. I will be submitting TR to another publisher before the year is out, never fear. With it being professionally edited and much leaner, we may be seeing it again soon.
My mead proceeds. 
There's another picture in here, but it doesn't want to load properly. By properly, I mean doing what I want it to.
Almost the end?

I find it fascinating with the color change in just a few weeks. I was worried that this might not be ready in time for my sister's birthday in a couple of weeks. This might come in just under the wire. More likely than not, I'll be bottling this on her birthday. Almost time to fire up the label maker.
There is another person who is defying the norm. The video I'm going to try to load and or link to is an singer named Viktoria Modesta.
Confession time. I have no idea what she sounds like. My kids say she's not bad. I looked up the lyrics and thought they were kind of lame, but a lot of songs when they're laid out on paper look a bit on the dull side. We can't all be Bohemian Rhapsody.
Here is what I see. A beautiful girl who is bravely defying conventional norms. She's not talented because of her leg. She's talented despite her leg. 
I pointed this out a long time ago. In a retail store that employs hundreds, I can go nearly a full day without people talking to me. Oh yeah, I tested that one out. We're nearly invisible. After a quick search, (my Google-fu is strong.) it turns out there are a number of authors who are deaf. Seems I'm in good company.

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