Sunday, November 16, 2014

Stronger than hate

As my brewing venture continues, so does the rest of the world. Turns out no one really cares about Kardassian butt, other than the three lonely guys who hang out at the mall. People were generally excited about landing on a freaking comet, but most of all folks were getting ready for the holiday baking season. 
My wife, ever the punster, got a box of ninjabread cookie kit. Yes, they're a thing.

Don't know whether to laugh or cry. Maybe both.
Right now she's making the label for the mead we've made thus far. So far the only idea is B+C mead, and even that is under debate.
B+C honey wine?
B+C brewery?
B+C Meadery?
B+C It's not poison, really.
Perhaps 'A Touch of Honey?' We're thinking about it.
My eldest experienced her first snowfall up in Colorado. I can't copy the video she sent me from her phone. We've all seen snowfall before, some of us more than others, but this is her first time experiencing it while it happens. Ah, the novelty of youth.
My friends over at the Planetary Society and NASA are getting ready for the New Horizons spacecraft to wake up from hibernation on December 6th. From there it will take a month to prepare for it's January 15th encounter with Pluto.
And here I was worried about the fundie's re-writing Texas history books when in fact we're about to rewrite everything we know about the outermost almost-a-planet. Between January and July of 2015, we are going to be getting a host of information about the edge of the solar system. After it's done flying by Pluto, there are three potential candidates for a flyby to explore objects in the Kuiper belt. Hey! We're exploring the solar system, baby! Oh, and it's a five hour lag between messages. What am I telling you all this for? Here's the link. Check them out.

Let's see. Wal-Mart workers are calling for a strike on Black Friday. I say, good for them. I sold my stock in Wal-Mart and don't shop there. I encourage my friends to do the same. Vote with your wallet people.

Okay, last item. The one that inspired the title. Time for us to turn our attention back to Ferguson, Mo. and the trial of Darren Wilson, for his crime of killing an unarmed black man, Micheal Brown. The tension is very high and people are preparing for the worst. The KKK announced that they would use lethal force against any protester after the verdict. Presumably the protesters would go after the police. Such a bold threat did not go unnoticed by the Hacktivist group, Anonymous.
The KKK websites were hacked and information about the Klan's members were made public and posted to You Tube. In fact, several sites are posting the identities of Klan members. Special thanks to Anomoly100 and Libraland for alerting us to this. It gets better. Tiffany Willis of Liberal America reposted the story and it got a lot of attention, especially from the KKK, who didn't like being unmasked. Then a person from the KKK called and left a threatening voicemail. I can't make this stuff up.
The next morning another voicemail came. This one was a bit different.
This would be entertaining, (and on one level it is.) if the underlying threats weren't there. Like my friends above, I don't do fear. Sure I get scared once in a while, but not for long.
My question to the KKK: compensate much?
Oh yeah, the hashtags #OpKKK and #Hoodsoff are good things to add to your twitter.
These KKK assholes are insecure bastards. Thanks for removing their hoods Anonymous.


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