Sunday, November 23, 2014

Gearing up

This may be a short post folks. I've been working on TR, but nearly as important, I'm doing a bit of homework. Call it research. My editor gave me an assignment. I needed to write back stories for the cast. Those stories in turn would help me flesh out the characters in TR. As of this writing those little vignettes won't ever see the light of day. Perhaps one day...
Been thinking about making a holiday mead. To that end, I put together a cinnamon mead with orange peel. Naturally this will not be ready before Christmas, or New Years for that matter. Last week I asked some friends if they would be interested if I held a tasting some time in the spring. Of course I'd need several flavors for people to try. Yeah, I'm exploring to see how far I can take this. So far I've asked several people, (liquor store owners, lawyers.) what kind of permits or licenses I'd need to sell mead. No one has given me a hard answer. 'It's not worth it.' was one response. Thanks, but I'd like to have some data and a dollar figure before I trash can the idea.
Last week I wrote about Anonymous and the KKK in Ferguson, Missouri. We're still waiting on the grand jury's decision and the governor has called out the National Guard. A prudent decision, in my opinion. After a week of chest thumping and a general pissing contest, let's check the score. Anonymous took down the websites, twitter accounts and posted the names and pictures of those original home grown terrorists. Anonymous warned that if the KKK chose to interfere or attack the protesters in the wake of the verdict, they would release the phone numbers and names of the KKK, effectively taking away their privacy. To show they were not bluffing, they released partial numbers. Also in the de-hooding of the KKK reveals that some members are deputy sheriffs. I read an article this morning and now I wish I saved it. In the article Anonymous warned both the KKK and the police against acts of violence. I can't find the article now, but if what I read is true, Anonymous has crossed a line into thinking it is above the law. Some time ago I mused about the limits and effects of vigilantism. Are there some bad cops out there? No doubt there are, but the officers I've met and formed friendships with are the good guys. They are the norm rather than the exception.

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