Sunday, November 30, 2014

Somewhere in between

The day before Thanksgiving I found myself on a delivery run. Dropping off those refrigerators and stoves so they can shove a turkey in them for their inaugural cooked meal. 
We dropped off a fridge and stove at a subdivision alongside a golf course. Very swanky neighborhood. The houses were mansions and went for three hundred grand easily. As we were leaving this gated community, I noticed a half melted garage door frozen in mid-flow down a driveway. A house had caught fire the night before. (Not the one we were delivering to.) The roof was gone. Only partial walls and charred timbers remained. My heart went out to this family who suffered so much loss the day before Thanksgiving. I hoped no one lost their lives.
My driver and I continued to drop off appliances like Santa'a elves, spiraling out all the way to Seguin, a small town about thirty five miles away.
We dropped off a washer and fridge to a farm way off the beaten path. At a guess the farmhouse must have been built before air conditioning was invented. The ceiling had to of been over nine feet above our heads. The farmer pulled up in his John Deere tractor as we backed in. I was afraid we would get stuck in the dirt and mud and he'd have to pull us out. Originally the house must have been a two room affair. Over time, the owners kept adding rooms. We went over three different foundations and as many exterior doors to get to the kitchen.
I could tell the farmer did a lot of his own work on the house. The doors were different widths, getting the stuff on the porch required strength and a working knowledge of geometry. You notice this stuff when you have to squeeze a washing machine through a narrow archway. I'll lay money that farmer doesn't have a plumb bob in his tool chest.
Far from looking down on his creative architecture,  I found myself admiring how resourceful he was with the material he had on hand. 
My day started off witnessing a well off family lose their house, and my day ended with a man who had next to nothing hanging on and building additions to his house  as he could afford them. Seeing both of these things made me grateful for what I have and Thankful for the people in my life.

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