Thursday, November 13, 2014

Faith in Humanity

The other day I was talking about Pope Francis and the way he's leading by example and making progressive changes in the Catholic church. When I hear about the stuff he is doing, there is a deep seated belief that he's going about it the right way.
Here are some other people who are doing the right thing.
The ESA landed a probe on a comet. While everyone was ogling Kardashian bubble butt (I call photoshop on that), and the neo-cons are shouting how Obama is behind the spread of Ebola, the European Space Agency was making real news.
Philae, the probe from the Rosetta spacecraft, landed on comet 67P Churyumov-Garasimenko.
That's harder to spell than Kardashian, but at least the ESA is doing something nobody has ever done before. This is much more news worthy. The ESA topped NASA. Of course the boys down in Florida are going to be visiting Pluto in a few months, so that should count for something.
The BBC has an excellent article describing the landing and just how difficult it is.
Upon landing the drills and harpoons in the lander's feet were supposed to anchor the probe to the surface. Think about it, the gravity is almost nil. So yes, the probe actually bounced when it landed. 
I want to give you some perspective.

This is comet 67P photoshopped in with a picture of downtown Los Angeles. Originally, the probe was supposed to land on the far right side of the comet, roughly in the 3 o'clock position. Now we don't know what made it bounce. It could have been the harpoon as it deployed. It could have been the engine on top of the probe. The surface of the comet could be a lot less dense than anyone could guess. We don't know, and that's all right.
The philae probe has touched down, but they think it's on a slope or on it's side. Notice how it looks like two spheres mashed together? We'll call them bubble butt One and Two in honor of Earth's own Kardashian bubble butt. Hmm, would that be referred to as the greater and lesser B.B?
The top people at the ESA think that the probe is some where near the peak on the top of lesser B.B. Roughly twelve or twelve thirty. Oh, and keep in mind the probe is only about as big as a washing machine. So we landed a washing machine on bubble butt two. Boy, the jokes we could have with that.
Assignment time: Somebody photoshop the Philae lander on Kim's butt cheek please. Then we will really break the internet.

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