Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Years mead

Today was bottling day for the mead that has been sitting next to my desk for the last couple of months. Here's what it looked like before.
Cloudy with a chance of poison

Then over the weeks it changed to this

So I let it do what it was supposed to do until today arrived. I spent a little time cleaning the bottles my sister collected for me. I peeled the labels off, sterilized everything along the way. This was the final result.
Not a big change

Makes three bottles

A two gallon jug makes three bottles. The first bottle came out the clearest because it was siphoned off the top. The second and third are cloudier. My next batch I'll strain them a little bit better. The cloudy bottles are yeast sediment. Harmless and easy to strain out while pouring. These bottles will be ready for New Years Eve although I'm going to only open one. At this point the mead will mellow with age, so no touching until spring. I'm considering getting some melting wax and sealing the bottles. Which reminds me. I should make some labels.

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