Thursday, November 6, 2014

Quick post Halloween post

Hey guys, things have been a little busy here. I survived the five girl sleepover on Halloween and I have the pictures to prove it. Not those kind of pictures, get your mind out of the gutter.
Actually a cool bunch of kids
They had fun. I made pancakes for them in the morning. That was a win/win.
Then it was time to bottle the mead. Then off to finish editing my book. As of this writing I've thirty-nine chapters completed.
I take a chapter or two with me and I edit them on my lunch hour. After making dinner, I work on it some more. I stop when my eyes have trouble staying open.
October has been a busy month for everyone. The last football game of the season is tomorrow. If it rains or gets too cold I might not go.  The wife and I have to start making Thanksgiving plans. Christmas plans are already underway. We have to get our oldest home for the holidays. She'll be taking the bus back to Texas and I'll be taking my vacation time to coincide with her visit. I am hoping to have the edits done before the month is out. What I actually mean is I hope to have it submitted to the unsuspecting mortals-- er publishers, by then.
Today I'm in the doghouse. My beautiful wife sent me a lovely text. 
'Love you, hate not pleased with your hobbies right now.'
'I f'ing hate beer.'
The holiday beer I started yesterday sort of erupted. Blew the airlock off the carboy. Guess who had to clean it up?
I can only say I'm sorry so many times. Looks like my next few projects are going to be mead or wine. They won't blow up like a baking soda volcano.
Now I need a wine rack

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