Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pope watch

Just because I've been busy writing, doesn't mean my head is in the sand.
Pope Francis demoted a cardinal for his conservative views. Reform doesn't come easy, especially for the Catholic Church. The cardinal in question has always criticized the pontiff for his progressive stance regarding homosexuality and abortion.
Recently the Pope excommunicated an Argentine pedophile priest.
This goes a long way towards healing the rift between the church and the public. Some say the Pope isn't moving fast enough. Instead we should all say thank you for bringing action to something that was overdue.
I'm not religious, but I have to admire the man who sets an example of leadership. This man is someone we can all look up to. I already admire him for his efforts to bring the Catholic church into the twenty-first century.
In my humble opinion, Pope Francis is reaching out and spreading what it means to be a man of faith. By preaching tolerance and setting the example of inclusiveness, Pope Francis is doing more for the Catholic church than any pope before him.
Well done!

A little closer to home, the argument of net neutrality came up. Since Ted Cruz knows nothing about it other than President Obama advocates neutrality, he's against it. Never mind he showing his ignorance again. He can't help himself, being born with a silver foot in his mouth.
Fighting fear and ignorance where ever possible,  The Oatmeal breaks this issue down into bite sized pieces even Ted Cruz can wrap his tiny brain around. Before you get on the defend Ted bandwagon let me tell you. He's a self-serving spineless troll who takes money from corporations and will do whatever you want him to do, provided you give him money.
Now that I think about it, we should raise money for Ted to go jump off a bridge. Seriously, he's a proven money whore. He'd feel right at home after jumping off the bridge, he'd be down with his own kind, the bottom feeders.

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