Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Not just me

This morning was one of those times where the sewage line broke next to the air conditioner. Perhaps that metaphor doesn't work. One small detail resulted in some very huge consequences. Two people forgot to do one aspect of their job. When we get a delivery truck, the doors are opened as the trailer backs in. This allows the night crew to unload the truck. The next morning people like me can put it all away.
Except the truck driver and the receiver both forgot to open the doors.
A call was made to the trucking company to send another truck out. Naturally, they were the only ones who were allowed to do it. The trailer needed to be moved so the doors could be opened. Then eight or ten people unloaded half to three quarters of the trailer before the appliance truck arrived. All this before 8 AM.
This was an avoidable mishap. It put a strain on a lot of people. We had to unload it faster, put it away quickly and get ready for the rest of the day's arrivals... all before noon.
All I can say is; I'm glad it wasn't me. While a lot of good natured teasing went on, there were no repercussions for the responsible parties. Bet your butt they would have made a big deal out of this if I was the one responsible.
As it was, no lasting harm was done, we all just had to squeeze a lot of work into a very short time. It does make the day go faster. I am going to bed early, that's for sure.

This came across my desk about the Berlin patient.
Scientists are a step closer to finding a cure and it might not be one single thing, but perhaps a combination of factors. Any way you look at it, Mankind is closer to understanding how to beat this horrific disease. Stuff like this makes me feel hopeful about humanity. Perhaps we're salvageable after all.

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