Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday night lights

It's Friday night. The last dregs of September summer is slowly giving way to fall. You know what that means? High school football season is officially here in Texas.
The game is about to start
Halfway through the first period, the sky opened up. Naturally I don't have pictures of that. I just got this phone, I don't want to get it wet, it's not even a month old yet.
We got soaked. As soon as it started to look serious, we took our phones, put them in my wife's purse along with my BTE. At least something would stay dry. We got soaked though.
One good thing about Texas games, the folks are friendly and willing to share. A friend of my youngest daughter buddied up under a poncho. People around us leaned closer to share umbrellas. That was mighty nice of them. One a related note: Four umbrellas and ponchos are on my acquire list before the next game.
I don't know if it was the rain or the Mavericks found their groove, we won 24 to 7. I saw solid defense, more completed passes and some solid running.  Very good gentlemen. Now you're playing like the Mavericks of old.
I tried to load up some video that was taken at the game, but unfortunately, it won't take. Can't cut and paste it, can't provide a link. Sorry people, I'll get it next week on my phone and I'll be able to transfer things easier.

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