Saturday, September 6, 2014

Project day

Today is technically my day off. The very concept of 24 hours with nothing to do mystifies me.
I have a laundry list of chores, including laundry, that need to be done. I've been meaning to do some work around the house. Since the dog days of summer are sort of behind me, I was thinking about planting some zucchini seeds for some fall gardening.
I was checking the prices for honey for my next brewing project. Somewhere on this computer is a list of materiel requirements including a corker and actual corks. That and I'm thinking of brewing out on the back porch because of the havoc it usually creates in the kitchen. To wit: I'd have to refill the propane tank and get an outdoor cooker. Something about the size for boiling crawfish or making tamales.
Like the Dad I am, I've already got Christmas on my mind. Usually I try and have my Christmas shopping done, or at least started, by Halloween. Now I'm thinking about getting my kids under one roof for the holidays.
Last night I picked up the middle child from her chartered bus away game in Austin. Our high school football team lost, but not as badly as we did the first game of the season. Sucking a little less at football is still sucking. I can't say it's any one thing that is making the team lose. There are new players, a new coach, a host of little things that don't add up to a winning team. For now I'm withholding comment in lieu of more evidence. That ties into one of my rules: Don't point out a problem unless you have a solution handy.

Both the dog and my truck need a bath. Unfortunately I can't do both at the same time. Although that would be kind of neat to try... I'd have to load the dog into the back of the truck and not hit him with the pressure washer... No no no. Best get that thought out of my head. Historically dogs do not prefer to get soaped, rinsed and waxed.

As I was picking up dog food last night for my favorite canine when I spied a bone treat. I thought, 'He's been really good these last few weeks.' This weekend I'm hoping to get in a little attention time with him. Well, he loved the bone.
Nom Nom Nom

You can't eat just one

What can I say, he liked it.
Of course now I'm paying the price.
As I type this a malicious odor is creeping up behind me. Looking over my shoulder I see the pooch is laying beneath my chair, giving me the silent but deadly treatment.
Memo to me: run a line in the ceiling and install a ceiling fan for the living room, because this dog will gas us if we're not careful. Good doggie, indeed.  

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