Thursday, September 25, 2014

Big news?

So today I took my youngest to the doctor to start testing her Aspergers Syndrome. Like all things there were a few papers to fill out. After a day on my feet, I could feel myself nodding off somewhere around page two of the five page questionnaire. We bought the vitamin supplements and they gave me the name of the tests they were or are going to perform. I have a feeling my wife is going to call them tomorrow and nail down things. Next up, an audiologist appointment for our youngest. We assured the doctors at the clinic that my hearing loss isn't genetic, but they want to cover their bases by seeing if there is some kind of auditory problem with the little one. That makes sense and sounds reasonable.
The honey I ordered came in. Hopefully I can start a batch of mead this weekend. It might be ready by the New Year, but more than likely I will keep it until spring or July at least. What's more likely is I'll make a second or third batch that will improve upon any mistakes I make. My sister will help me with quality control, I'm sure.
And mead starts with...

But with this weekend is shaping up to be pretty busy. There is a debate tournament on Friday and Saturday followed by a football game Saturday night. I promised to take the wife to the Farmers market at the old Pearl Brewery. 
Perhaps I can do my chores and brew up the mead Sunday...

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