Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Y'all may laugh but there are times when I think I'm way too patient with people. There are times when I have to be extra calm and give others the soft reproach when in actuality, what's needed is to clock them upside the head with a 2x4.
Of course that's not the way we do things in polite society, but it seems like a real good idea at the moment.
I want things I own to work. I put gas in my truck and change the oil, it runs. I clean my coffee machine and it returns the favor by giving me coffee in the morning. I let the coffee machine live for another day when the coffee is good.
My blessed health insurance company kicks a fit whenever I use them. Recently I took my daughter to the doctor. Aetna, (they spelled things that way back when the company was formed in the 1700's.) told me it wouldn't process the claim until I went on their website... oh, and can you fill out this survey while you're here?
Small wonder my password to their site involves a bodily function and impossible bodily contortions. Still I can dream, can't I?
They're taking enough out of my check, I should be able to do what I want. Pay the doctor already, you cheap bastards.
New rule: for every delay in payment by an insurance company, I get to smack an appendage of a CEO with an object of my choosing.
CEO: your claim cannot be processed. = 2x4 to the head.
CEO: we can not pay your claim.= Knife to the hand.
CEO: your premiums are going up for no reason= We will find out if your head will really fit up your ass.
Since CEO's have no spines, this shouldn't be difficult to prove.
The most popular sport among lower income people is basketball.
Middle class people prefer baseball.
The upper class prefers golf.
Scientifically proven: The higher your social status, the smaller your balls.

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