Sunday, September 28, 2014


Smart people can change their minds. We can believe in something until evidence comes along that makes intelligent people re-evaluate their mindset.
Even then, amid a host of facts and evidence, a certain segment of the population refuses to accept common sense.
And then the rest of us have to be blunt. This is an article that was published last spring about vaccinations. In the past I've touched base on this, but it bears repeating.
Vaccines save lives. End of discussion.
People say measles isn't deadly. Guess what? If you're not vaccinated, I hope you have your affairs in order.
I thought that was too harsh a wording at first. The pictures say otherwise.
First off it's a virus. What does a virus do? It mutates. When some of the population gets immunized and even a small portion of people don't receive immunization, that virus lives to get stronger. We (as in a world-wide 'we'.) almost had this thing beat.
Unvaccinated travelers returning from the Philippines infected an unprotected Amish community in Ohio.
Every single argument and discussion point has been refuted by qualified scientists. The article I posted a link to at the beginning bears repeating in case you didn't read it. They site a whole plethora of links stating the case for immunizing your child. Please read the whole article and click on the links they provide. 
I grew up in a time where there wasn't vaccines for the majority of childhood diseases. Even though I was inoculated as a child, I still caught chicken pox as a young adult through one of my students. 
This is one of those things that doesn't go away, but viruses like this can be reduced to non-zero statistics and keep the population safe. Wouldn't that be worth it? 

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