Thursday, October 2, 2014

being right or popular

Yesterday a friend of a friend posted an article about how an HPV vaccination killed a 12 year old girl. I read the article which was full of anti-vaccination buzz words. All the links in the article pointed toward anti-vaccination stuff. The byline is your fist clue. It was originally published in natural news, an anti-vaccination web site.
With cynical shields up, I went to
Which by the way, is an excellent resource for checking up on hoaxes. A quick search revealed this. Snopes gave it a rating of False and provided the links, backing up the facts.
I included the link for the vaccination facts from my last post. This morning I got a response from the people who posted about vaccines being deadly.

"Sorry, he's a liberal nut job from San Antonio and has been unfriended."

Not that I'm going to lose sleep over that, but I am amazed with the closed minded thinking. I have friends that I don't agree with all the time, but I'm pretty sure they're not Hitler incarnate. I've half a mind to call up my lawyer and ask if he can draw up some papers. Since this guy is obviously not going to vaccinate his children, perhaps I should should propose a bet: If he or his heirs die from a disease that could of been cured with a simple vaccine, I'd like to be named in his will as sole beneficiary. Come on, it'll be fun! 
Conversely if I die from a curable disease in addition to signing over my house, I'll allow him to write anything he'd like on my tombstone.  

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