Tuesday, October 21, 2014

busy little beaver

Apologies for not updating Monday. I got my book back from my editor and I've been correcting stuff all weekend long. In fact, I knocked out chapter ten on my lunch hour. There are a few points she made that drove the point home. 'Tough, but fair,' is what she promised and boy did she deliver. I'm working through the structural issues and tightening up sentences to transform this book into a page turner. I'd read TR so many times and tried to fix what I found wrong, that I found myself nodding off.
Turns out, it wasn't just me.
Some poor word choices on my part left things bland and tranquilized people. Okay, my bad, but I'm working to fix it!
Well, I'm off to fix chapter 11. Let me leave you with a funny picture for the day.
i have an enormous favor to ask you
Just saying.
This cartoon was rejected by the New Yorker. They've gone ahead and made a book with all the stuff that they didn't want in the New Yorker magazine. Here's the Amazon page. Your welcome.

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