Monday, October 6, 2014

A little too much carbonation

I was working on a blog entry, but I'm going to have to put it off for a bit. I'm currently typing with band-aids covering several places on both hands.
Yesterday my sister came over with some wine bottles that I'd use for the mead currently bubbling away near my desk
Bubble, bubble

She also brought the case of cider I'd made for her. My first time making it and I didn't put enough sugar into the mix. The cider was so tart it was undrinkable. Not that it wasn't poisonous or whatnot, simply bad tasting.
Figuring I'd make the most of a bad situation, I poured one into a glass with a teaspoon of sugar. Wow, what a difference! It actually tasted good, but the sugar didn't fully dissolve. Hmm... My wife suggested the agave nectar I had. The nectar sweetened it up and dissolved into the cider, but changed the color of the cider to a dark amber. I also noticed that the cider had very little alcohol in it. Four ciders with various sweeteners and all I had to show for it was a couple of trips to the bathroom. One side note: about three of the bottles foamed up like a baking soda volcano when opened. I made a mental note to open them in the sink from that point on.
Today after a hard days work, I put the dinner in the oven and decided to open another cider. As I began to open it, the bottle went off like a gun shot. Right now I'm glad none of my neighbors called the cops. Yes, it was that loud. I think I taught my kids some new words. Daughter number two sprang into action and put the dog out before I had a chance to give the order. So putting her in for a commendation for quick thinking.
Next up: triage. Daughter 2 and 3 helped Dad get washed up and band-aids over the worst ones. To my surprise, I'm currently sporting a couple of  puncture wounds above my belly button. It went through the shirt I was wearing. Ouch.
Then the clean up. Most of the glass shards were in the sink. I had to fish a few out of the garbage disposal. My daughter swept the kitchen floor, but left the blood drops for me to clean. Fair enough I suppose, it was my mess.
just a couple of flesh wounds

Screw drinking the rest. I'm going to open them wrapped in a rag in case they go off like the other one. I am extremely thankful my sister didn't get hurt by one of my rogue brewing concoctions.

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