Saturday, October 11, 2014

Feeling bad versus depression

This goes out to a friend. Another thing I can't say in 180 characters or less. If this is a way of reaching out for help, I would be remiss if I didn't respond. This meme picture came to my attention via Facebook.

No, you don't sweetie.
You may despair. Your spirit may feel crushed, your heart broken, but you do not want to be dead.
Every human being at one point in their lives feel like you do. Intelligent people are more in touch with their emotional state, that is why you feel a longing for release from your current situation.
You may think it, but you are not alone in your suffering. There are friends who like you. People who count on you. Children who look up to you.
It seems crass to simply say 'get over it', but that is exactly what needs to happen. Given time, and something you enjoy occupying your time, will heal those wounds you feel in your heart.
All too often people faced with what feels like insurmountable challenges turn away from them, rather than facing them head on. People hide and retreat into drunken stupors in an effort to numb the pain they feel, but it's only temporary. The emptiness inside remains, now coupled with a hangover to add to your problems!
If I may suggest an alternative: Cry. Get it out of your system. You have been hurt and you feel betrayed. Face your pain. That is the only way to make it go away.
Next: realize that the only person who is responsible for your happiness is you. Surround yourself with people who accept you and make you feel better. Do things with these friends. Do things that satisfy your needs and wants. You can't go back to the life that was. A new way to live lies in front of you. 
Finally: Forgive the person that has wronged you, and truly mean it. That person no longer has a hold on your heart or shares your life. What is most satisfying is the person you've become is because of what was done to you in the past. Ironically, those who broke your heart actually help you in the long run to become stronger and a better person.
In telling you this, I tried to draw on past experiences without saying what happened to me personally. If my former girlfriend hadn't acted as she did, I would have never have met my wife or my daughters.
Now there will come a time when I find myself face to face with my ex-girlfriend who broke my heart and hurt me to my very soul, and I will say these words to her: 'I forgive you for what was done in the past.'
If Karma and fate have anything to do with it, I will say these words as I roll up the window to my limousine. Life is full of ironic moments like that.

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