Wednesday, May 28, 2014

All I can do is laugh

The first words my friend said to me when she recieved the book she ordered: "It's huge!"
"Well," I said. "It's 500 pages."
"I don't mean thick," she said. "It's the size of a phone book with large print."
Now I was puzzled.
The next day in the break room, my friend (and customer!) slapped this tome the size of a photo album in front of me.
"Look at this thing!"
Remembering my promise, I got out a pen and signed it. I had no idea it would be this big. When playing around with the Create space program, this was the smallest I could get. Well... it was the one that I could get to work. Seems I have to go back to the drawing board on this one. Trying to salvage the situation as best I could, I said, "You know this is a collectors item now. I know of at least one typo and of course, the size of this thing."
My friend smirked in this cute but embarrassing way. Perhaps I was the one who should be embarrassed... At least chagrined.
Below it is a real suitcase
Here it is in all it's overblown glory. my hand is there for comparison. After I finish this entry, I'm going back to that self publishing site and fix this. 

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