Monday, June 2, 2014


Sorry for the absence, but things were afoot. Besides the family descending for my daughter's graduation, my brakes decided to demand attention. With funds a little low and the knowledge of having done this once before, I set out to change the pads and rotors. If it was just that, the plan would have worked. Of course no plan survives contact with the enemy. Turns out the calipers, the cylinders that squeeze the brake pads, were the true culprit. Of course the other things needed to be replaced as well.
I ended up doing such a screwy job, my brother in law and I had to undo the damage. Of course, we wasted two days and tried to track down parts that didn't exist. I'm also pretty sure we ended up spending more than we intended, even with returning the items that didn't work. So now I'm using the old rotor, which I wanted to replace, new brake pads and new calipers. I very nearly lost the wheel while driving down to my sisters house because of a tiny piece that I didn't know existed until the day before yesterday.
My old cable provider took some money. Memo to me: break that contract. Then this morning Amazon prime took out over 107 dollars. I think I know what this is about and I can hopefully resolve this before the checks I wrote earlier hit the bank.
I'm not having a good week, and it just got started.
After taking a good look at Amazon, I cancelled a service that I didn't know I had and didn't need in the first place. Two clicks and the funds will reappear in my checking account in a few days. Whew! I damn near hyperventilated this morning when I saw the bank balance. I watch my money very closely because I don't trust the bank. That and I'm prone to forget something I charged or my wife wrote a check without telling me... Normal stuff.
Speaking of Amazon, the distribution center e-mailed me with a job  offer. The shift would be from 1800 to 0230. In non-military speak English:  6 PM to 2:30 AM. Now keep in mind I get up at 5 AM to go to work at my first job. There is no way I can work two full time jobs on 2 hours of sleep. Not without having a psychotic episode, and I'm sure we want to avoid that. If they had a part time position, say 4 to 6 hour shifts, I'd do that. I may average 4 to 5 hours sleep a night, but I'd do that for the short run. Long term that isn't healthy for me or anyone else. Cross me when I've had little to no sleep is a death wish, we all know that. I'm going to try and have something blogworthy up for Wednesday, promise.

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