Tuesday, June 17, 2014

ad ware, mad ware

In preparation for my oldest leaving for college, I installed Skype. Surely I'd iron out any bugs that presented itself. Then the pop up ads came out of  nowhere. Every time I'd mouse over a link, an ad that had nothing to do with whatever I was reading.
When I clicked on a link about NASA's budget, I'd get travel information about tours to see the Great Wall of China. We're a little past six degrees of separation here folks. Then I noticed they were all coming from the same place. I believe it was called Ad hen. Well, they were certainly henpecking me. Turning to my control panel like a novice geek, I went in search for something from Ad hen to uninstall and remove, which I did. Now for some reason I can't log on to Facebook from the Windows side of this machine. In order to check Facebook, I have to log into the Linux partition and proceed from there.
Hmm... I smell a rat. Updating my virus protection and Mal ware programs yielded no results. Well, cleaning up my computer is always a plus, but Facebook still times out. Sigh, there's always Ubuntu.

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