Friday, June 6, 2014


No tears were shed last night as I watched my oldest walk the aisle to get her diploma. There was never a question she would graduate. That she did so with honors pleases me even more. Several parents that I first met twelve years ago were also present. Congratulations went all about, but the emotion most felt was relief. Our kids made it through the public school system relatively intact. My wife and I were active with the PTA and extra curricular activities and will continue to be with our younger children.
Not once have I thought public education was the be all, end all. Instead, I felt school should be a supplement to what is learned at home. To that end, my kids are what people refer to as 'street smart'.
As we walked out of the arena, I spied a man dressed as Batman. At first I thought it was funny, but there was another motive.
The AC went out at the AT&T center next door, a clear attempt at sabotaging the NBA finals by the Joker.  

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