Sunday, May 18, 2014

higher and higher

Starting this while the laundry is being done. What can I say? I'm sort of a multitasker. One of the things I like about my wife is the stimulating conversations we have. It's not all, 'What do you want to do?' or 'Will you please take out the garbage?'
This morning I came across this:

My wife did her quiet chuckle while shaking her head slightly.
"I'm surprised you're not offended by that." I replied.
A look of momentary reflection crossed her face. "Yes, and no," she explained.
"Both of us are spiritual,  but not religious."
I nodded in agreement. The universe is far more wondrous than we know. My wife and I agree that we humans are not on the highest rung of the evolutionary ladder. While I personally think no one religion is 100% correct, I think we should take bits a pieces from every aspect.
My wise dearest wife put it this way: 'The higher power is not sitting in judgement. Sending people to heaven or hell depending on circumstances. Instead, we have freewill. The superior being is sitting back and watching what we will do with the power of choice.'

What a smart girl. Did I luck out when I married her or what?

 For my part, life has aspects of heaven or hell. It's our outlook that determines if our time on earth is a cake walk or a living punishment.
We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. -Native American saying.
To that end, I choose to recycle, live within our means, Vote with my wallet, conserve resources. Elect officials who reflect my values.
In a perfect world, I would bike to work. I'd still like to make that happen, despite the fact that can't ride a bike. At least not very far, fast or efficiently.

But back to my lack of religion.

Or you can listen to Carlin's take on things.

My personal ten commandments:

1. Be true to yourself. Lying to yourself only sets you up for disaster.
2. No person is your better. No person is your inferior.
3. Be humble because you are a human on this earth. Be noble because you are a human on this earth.
4. When you work, give 100%, but give yourself a break every now and then.
5. Call your parents. Keep in touch with friends old and new.
6. Don't kill, cheat, steal or lie. Be tough, but be fair.
7. Family is important. Show your love for them in what you do in life.
8. Don't think in terms of your possessions. Some things money can't buy.
9. Be the kind of neighbor you want to live next door to. 
10. Your rights as a person end where another persons' begin.

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